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CarbonNation offers a collection of impact-focused initiatives that enable scalable investments into profitable and practical solutions aimed at sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, and decarbonization and sustainability-enhancing technologies.

CarbonNation EARTH, a joint venture between Hatcher+ and the Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund, concentrates on large-scale projects, including regenerative farming, nature-based carbon sequestration, and land restoration. 

CarbonNation GREEN supports Improved Cook Stove project developers and initiatives in Asia and Africa.  

CarbonNation BLUE, a joint venture between nature-based solutions and mangrove restoration experts, focuses on large-scale mangrove and seagrass restoration and damage avoidance for the benefit of investors and the coastal communities that depend on these environments for food and shelter.

CarbonNation X invests in innovative technologies that enable climate change mitigation and decarbonization, such as green agriculture, green concrete, commercial building emissions management, decarbonization, water filtration, space-based climate solutions, and space-based sensing and data gathering. 

CarbonNation supports initiatives in various regions worldwide, allowing investors to align their contributions with their individual investment mandates and community values. This customizable approach empowers investors to create a meaningful impact in the areas that matter most to their stakeholders.


Global Solutions

CarbonNation empowers investors to invest in commercial solutions that are aligned with their mandates, and designed to drive land restoration, sustainable agriculture, and aquaculture, while promoting carbon sequestration. 

Our EARTH projects are designed to maximize carbon capture and agricultural yields, offering an attractive opportunity for environmentally conscious investors.  Our GREEN projects look beyond black carbon into the future of clean cooking when delivering the next generation of Improved Cook Stoves.

Like the Hatcher+ H2 Fund, which has invested in over 200 companies on six continents. CarbonNation X invests globally, backing entrepreneurs everywhere, regardless of race, religion, gender, age – we’re simply interested in the best ideas, and, more importantly, the best executing teams.

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Our partnerships with TAIF, CarbonNeutral, and other expert Australia-based groups, has enabled us to develop a number of regenerative agricultural projects that combine higher farm yields with enhanced carbon capture methodologies.
Our carbon projects are selected on the basis of independent assessment of the carbon potential and historical farm yields, and projects developers and partners are required to deliver commercially-acceptable investment yields prior to consideration. Projects in Australia are typically structured in partnership with investors with the objective of ensuring structures are tax-efficient relative to the investor’s jurisdiction.
Rebuilding damaged mangrove plantations using proven techniques in combination with nitrogen-reduction technologies such as addition of algae spools using adjacent seawater sources in desert areas, can unlock outstanding investment potential. Avoidance of mangrove removal helps local communities protect against erosion, both from the land and the sea, and promotes food security by protecting valuable fish breeding areas.
Investment returns based on Blue Carbon-based carbon credit generation.
Improved Cook Stove (ICS) projects promote better health, socioeconomic freedom, and improved quality of life for communities through the distribution of clean cooking materials designed to reduce indoor and outdoor black carbon pollution.
Improved cookstoves play a key role in achieving several critical UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). Generation of Emission Reduction certificates to support the distribution of improved cookstoves enable investors to realize commercial returns while transforming the lives of communities through the provision of cleaning cooking methods, including access to environmentally-friendly fuels.
CarbonNation X utilizes the technical capabilities of Top 20-rated data-driven VC Hatcher+ and its VAAST® global deal origination network to identify leading climate mitigation, regenerative farming, and greentech investments with the objective of providing robust returns to investors.
Future equity investment returns and/or licensing deals in support of increased yields and better access to enabling technologies.

About Hatcher+

Hatcher+ develops software and data models that support fast fund creation, AI-powered deal analysis, intelligent capital deployment, and real-time management and administration of alternative investment vehicles and strategies.  


Hatcher+ FAAST™ is an award-winning Funds-as-a-Service Technology platform that combines AI-powered deal origination and automated due diligence capabilities with advanced fund creation, portfolio management, and fund administration systems. Hatcher+ FAAST enables investors to quickly establish fund structures, accept startup funding applications through a branded interface, analyse deal flow using advanced data models, build scalable portfolios, manage tasks and teams, and generate instant, error-free reports.

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